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Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer

Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer

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Product information :
Model: 12.7mm 25.4mm 50.8mm
Printing speed: 60m/ min
Print range: 2-10000(mm)
Print depth: 0.001(mm)
Print height: 12.7 25.4 50.8 100(mm)
Type: inkjet printer
Printing direction: bidirectional printing
Degree of automation: semi-automatic
Specification: style 1: 12.7mm handset+imported black ink, style 2: 12.7mm handset+imported high attached black ink, style 3: 25.4mm handset+imported black ink.

Size Information:
Overall dimensions: 100x120x200(mm)

Packing list:
Coder *1

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