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Universal 1080° Rotation Extender Faucet

Universal 1080° Rotation Extender Faucet

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The Universal 1080° Rotation Extender Faucet is the perfect accessory for every kitchen or bathroom. With its flexible 1080° rotating filter faucet, you can now clean effectively and avoid splashing water with two different water outflow rotatory switch modes - a soft bubble stream and a strong spray mode. This faucet aerator is simple to set up and maintain, as it just requires unscrewing of the existing aerator from the threaded tip of the faucet and attaching this rotatable one instead. It's also highly durable, thanks to the ABS body, which ensures that this extender lasts a long time. Made up of brass for added strength, this sink sprayer attachment feels premium to use and helps decrease your energy bills month on month. So get your hands on this revolutionary sink sprayer attachment for optimal comfort while washing dishes or your hands in the sink today!




Name:1080° Rotation Faucet Extender 
Material: ABS Plastic
Product Color: Silver
Product Interface Size:
Inner Diameter: 20mm/22mm
Outer Diameter: 24mm

Package Contains:
1 x 1080° Rotation Faucet Extender (Dual-mode Effluent)

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