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Portable Emergency Flashlight

Portable Emergency Flashlight

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The Portable Emergency Flashlight is the perfect tool for outdoor and camping adventures. This mini flashlight was designed to be easy to carry by fitting conveniently into any pocket. More than that, it exceeds expectations by offering four lighting modes: strong light, medium light, strobe, and long press super bright. It can even double as a bottle opener with its magnetic base design that can be fixed on metal surfaces. Whether you're trekking a remote trail with friends or walking your dog after a night out, this emergency flashlight provides you with perfect illumination anytime, anywhere. An added bonus—the strobe mode is reliable for self-defense. Additionally, the Portable Emergency Flashlight is great to keep handy in case of a power outage or troubleshooting situations when you need an extra source of light. Discover the brilliant qualities of this compact device and add it to your tool kit today!




Light Source Type: 30 COB wicks
Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC
Lighting Mode: Strong/Medium/Flash/Super Bright
Single Package Size: 95*55*27mm
Size: 6*4*2cm
Charging Method: Type-c Charging
Time: 5-8 Hours (2 hours highlighted)
Brightness: 800 Lumens
Battery Capacity: 500mAh

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