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Pen Type Fishing Rod Spinning Wheel Feeding Line

Pen Type Fishing Rod Spinning Wheel Feeding Line

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Pen type set fishing (fishing) rod (rod), special fishing tackle set, ice fishing rod, mini rod. Pocket fishing rod, fashion gift set fishing gear. (color reel. The price is 0.5 yuan more expensive than silver and white)
The unfolded length is 100cm. After shrinking, it is only 20.5cm. It is very convenient to carry. It is a good gift for travel and business trips.
The colors of the pen and the wheel are black, gold, silver-white, purple, red, and blue respectively. It is a beautiful and elegant gift, and it can also catch fish within one kilogram. It is the best of both worlds!
With porcelain ring guide eye, it can fully protect the fishing line. The new spinning wheel has been modified and designed to be stronger and more durable than the old one. Equipped with 100m fishing line. The crank handle is also changed to a foldable handle. More convenient to carry.
Color: Silver, black, red, blue, gold, purple

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Fishing rod*/set

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