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Compression Hip Brace

Compression Hip Brace

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Relieve your groin and hip pain with our Compression Hip Brace. Our support brace is designed to provide lightning-fast pain relief, stability and comfortable compression to help you recover more quickly and get back to being active. Perfect for joint pain, arthritis, lower back pain, and sciatica – this hip brace offers targeted relief, so you can move freely again. The fabric is breathable and durable so you won’t overheat or have discomfort from irritation. For best results, we advise careful washing on a delicate cycle with water no hotter than 30℃ or 65 to 85F and air dry. You’re sure to love the experience of your Compression Hip Brace – it's quick and easy to use for pain relief that lasts all day long!




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1 x Compression Brace

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